Ferment'n airlock screwed onto a widemouth jar.

Ferment’n airlock screwed onto a widemouth jar.

Ferment’n is a two-part system for making home fermentation easy and fun. Using a ceramic weight and screw-on airlock, you can create delicious and quick recipes with your favorite vegetables and a little sea salt. And because it fits on any wide-mouth jar, you can try as many unique recipes as you have jars. Ferment’n is small-batch and simple, meaning that you can experiment and have fun with the whole family. So what are you waiting for? Get Ferment’n!

  How To Use your Ferment’n Directions

Directions for Fermenting Kim Chee

Fermented foods made with Ferment'n

Fermented foods made with Ferment’n

It’s so easy that even the kids can get in on the fun. And while we know that all this fermentation is making for extra healthy, probiotic filled veggies, your children just know they’re having a great time! Ferment’n also allows each of us to explore our artistic side. Unleash your creativity by creating colorful combinations of delicious vegetables. These veggie-packed jars will make a beautiful addition to the kitchen while you wait for the fermentation process to finish.

So let the fun begin and grab a Ferment’n (or two, or three!) and get started.